Meeting together

With activities across the week for all ages, we get together to sing, pray, listen to a talk or to discuss what it says in the bible and socialise over a cup of coffee.



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morning family service

Our more formal service of the week takes place on the Sunday morning. We gather together in our meeting hall where we sing songs, pray and listen to a visiting preacher give a talk from the Bible.

Everyone is invited to this service, as we have a Sunday School which runs during the service for the little ones and we all join together afterwards for a chat and a catch up over a cup of coffee or tea…and maybe even a bit of cake if we are lucky.

The service begins at 10:45am and usually finishes between 11:45am and mid-day. We also meet together before the service at 10am for a time of prayer.

10:45am @ bethel

evening service

Our evening service can vary in nature as we run a number of different activities during the time. One week could be a Hot Potato night where we discuss a difficult question over a jacket potato, to the next week where we have a more traditional service to the next week where we are all sat around tables sharing what the Lord has done over the last week or month.

What they all have in common is Jesus and our heart to share our experience of being a Christian with one another and share Jesus with those who haven’t heard about Him before. Why not have a look at our calendar to see what’s happening this coming Sunday evening.

6:30pm @ bethel


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the farm

Time away from it all for kids 11-18. We meet at Bethel for 5:30pm, before heading up to “The Farm” just outside Ripon where we have loads of fun playing games, eating some food and listening to a talk.

All kids are dropped off at home between 8:45pm & 9:15pm.

5:30pm @ bethel and on to a local farm



Finished your day at school? Not sure what to do? Why not come “drop in” at Bethel? Doors open at 3:00pm, with drinks, snacks and games available before we settle down with a talk from the Bible.

3:00pm at bethel

prayer meeting

At the outset of the week we come before God in prayer as we focus on all the activities taking place in the church of the coming week. A particular focus of this time is the ministry taking place amongst the youth of Ripon and the homes that they come from.

5:30pm @ bethel


young at heart

Opportunity for the young at heart to come together in someone’s home and have some great relaxing time together. It’s fantastic time to share, discuss a message from the bible and catchup on life. Oh and did we mention the treats!

11am in various homes

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ladies meeting

Opportunity for the ladies to get together on a monthly basis and talk through any number of subjects. From causes they are supporting to receiving updates from overseas missions.

the second wednesday of each month @ bethel



Our term-time after-school club for 7-11s. With a new theme every term we try to bring bible stories alive: while we have fun! Thursdays, from 3:30 to 5pm, come for games, crafts, singing, laughing , snacks, and making friends while learning more exciting things from the Bible each week!

3:30pm @ bethel

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mid-week bible study

One of the key meetings of the church family as we gather together in the midst of very often, a very busy week. We stop for an hour or so and spend time, listening to how the different meetings have gone through the week, talking and sharing items which we need to pray about and then importantly we look to discuss a passage from the bible. Through this discussion we seek to understand what it means and how it applies to our life in the 21st century. And as I’m sure you realising by now, this is followed by tea, coffee and a few sweet treats!

7:30pm @ Bethel



As I’m sure you have gathered, the Bible is central to what we believe, seek to understand in greater depth and to live out in our lives. Therefore it comes as no surprise that our final meeting of the week is exactly that, time set aside for the teenagers to encounter God’s message to us and discover how it impacts every aspect of their lives.

3:00Pm @ bethel